Upcoming Gigs

Lookout for Boom Bike Bourrée at these upcoming events, scroll down for some recent appearances.

5th September 2017, Full Moon Club,

8.30 pm at the Mortal Man, Troutbeck Cumbria, acoustic set and session

24th-25th September, 2017 Festival of Thift

14th October 2017 Lancaster Music Festival

At the Printroom, Storey Institute

28th October  2017  Projector bike show, Blackpool

1st December 2017 - Parade at Blackfriars Stories, London

Parade and projector show.

2nd-3rd of December - Grassington Dickensian Festival

Recent Gigs

August 25th Solfest, Cumbria


April 12-16th, 2017 Tall Ships Rendevous, Greenwich



December 10th and 11th, 2016, Grassington Dickensian Festival.



November 4th and 5th 2016 Light up Lancaster.
"On The Edge Of A Rising Tide",  projector boom bike show.



September 24th and 25th, Lancashire Encounter, Preston.
"On The Edge Of A Rising Tide",  projector boom bike show.


September 17th and 18th Festival of Thrift, Kirkleatham, Redcar


September 11th Cake Fest, Stirling


August 26-29  2016 Tall Ships, Blyth (Boom Bike Bourrée playing on the 27th and 28th)


August 20th 2016  Appleby Summer Pudding




August 13th  2016 Northern Green Gathering , Derbyshire



July 9th  2016  Midsummer Wakes Parade, Newcastle-under-Lyme.



June 19 2016 Manchester Day Parade

June 18  2016 Another Fine Fest (Ulverston)


Winter Droving, Penrith, November 14th 2015

Ulverston Dickensian Festival, November 28/29, 2015

Grassington Dickensian Festival 2015, December 5th and 19th.

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