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The Band


Dan Fox

Dan is the director of Sound Intervention, and creator of the Boom Bikes. He works as a musician, a sound recordist and engineer and a creator of audio-visual installations.

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Sian Phillips

Sian Phillips is a musician and teacher based in Lancaster, NorthWest England. Her interest and expertise lies in playing folk music from Europe and the British Isles. She performs Piano Accordion both for listening and dance events. When not playing with the band, Sian plays for the The Balkanics, a seven piece Balkan and Klezmer band . and performs French folk music with Quercus, a 5 piece band, mainly performing for Bal Folk dance events, and Rich Tea, a trio playing eclectic mix of trad and modern tunes with Andy Hornby.

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Paul Sherwood

A computational chemist by trade, Paul Sherwood discovered the hurdy-gurdy in 2001, and inspired by bands such as Blowzabella has been playing European folk music ever since. Paul plays along with Sian in both Rich Tea and Quercus, in which he also plays clarinet, mandolin and the bagpipes. Look out for Paul adding folky drone sounds to Steve Lewis's Deep Cabaret project.

Ash Murphy

Ash is a community artist and runs workshops in creative writing, beatboxing and songwriting and in bands such as The Initiative.

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