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 Boom Bike Bourrée at the Manchester Day Parade, 2016

On the Edge of A Rising Tide

An ecological fable presented as an innovative mobile audio-visual performance.

Apparitions hover in doorways, linger round windows and lurk on roof-tops. Fragile ghosts of humans, fish and micro marine organisms infiltrate city centres. Sounds of the sea, submerged bells, foghorns, warped shanties and storm force renderings will sweep across streets, squares and entry control points.

Riding on electric BoomBikes, equipped with a digital projector and accompanied by the ‘medieval hip-hop’ of Boom Bike Bourrée, a skeletal crew penetrates the autumn darkness. They project images and animated films on walls and buildings, digitally revealing fleeting and spectral images of extraordinary marine life. Are these premonitions of a disturbing future or ancient drowned spirits with genetic knowledge?  The unpredictable currents of On The Edge of a Rising Tide tug at forgotten jetties in all our winter dreams.

On the Edge of A Rising Tide is a joint commission by Light Up Lancaster and Lancashire Encounter.  For more information and some more striking images from the shows, see Dan Fox's Sound Intervention web site.

Boom Bike Bourrée at the Lancaster Music Festival

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Game of Thrones theme tune singalong!

Bourrée from Camprieux

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